Why become an LCRA Member?


Facility Access

- All members receive a gate key that lets you access club grounds 24/7 all year.
- Members camp free any time they are riding.
- Members can ride a prepped moto track once a week from May to September (weather permitting).
- 80 acres to ride on – not just the moto track. Kids riding area, Grand Prix area etc.

Relationship opportunities

- You get to hang out with other moto heads when you are at the track and have someone to always ride with.
- You get the opportunity to be part of a fun club with great members passionate about dirt bikes just like you.
- You can be part of the crew that puts on super fun local races and some of the biggest off road events in the State.
- We dig the smell of 2-stroke smoke too!

Membership Types

1. Working membership
This requires a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work per year (40 hours for family)
Voting privileges, input on club activities, race day discounts and ability to earn free or reduced membership for the following season (based on number of hours worked).
Single member $200 per year  
Family membership $300 per year

2. Standard membership
No work requirement
Voting privileges  
Input on activities
Single member $400 per year  
Family membership $600 per year

Ask about our out of area discount as well! 

Ways to complete your membership

1. You can join by attending one of our monthly meetings.

2. Join by completing the membership form on the website!

3. Contacting a board Member 

Need more information?

Feel free to reach out anytime!

Membership Renewal Info


The Membership prices on the site are based on New member price. If you are a current member you will need to check the 2019 Renewal Cost spreadsheet to see what your price is. If that price is different then what is listed below, you will need to fill out the form and either mail it with the required fees or contact Jeremiah Theys 406-431-6650.

If you have any issues with your work hours please contact Bryan Demaray at 406-461-3887 or

LCRA Forms

Looking for Online membership registration? Click Here:

Guest Waiver (pdf)


2019 LCRA Membership Form (pdf)


2019 LCRA Out-of-Town Membership Form (pdf)


2019 Renewal Cost (xlsx)


LCRA New Member Orientation (docx)


Submit Work Hours

Work Hours

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